Commissioned Upcycled Furniture

Thank you for considering The Painted Furniture Shed to redesign your furniture. Whether it’s a unique one of piece or a full set that you’re looking to match your overall look, we’re the team for you! We’ve been upcycling furniture for over 25 years and have a keen eye for those details that will really make your furniture stand out. We deliver across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northampton.

Trust the experts at The Painted Furniture Shed, where we love what we do!

Bring Life Back To Heirlooms

Do you have family heirlooms that hold many memories but don’t fit with your home’s décor? Or perhaps you’ve found the perfect piece of furniture to finish the look of your room but it’s not in quite the right colour?

Give The Painted Furniture Shed a call today to discuss how we can best transform these pieces and help you fall back in love with them!

Unleash Your Style Into Your Home

Whether you’re looking to upcycle one piece, a set of furniture or your whole room, we’re also experienced painters and decorators. We often take on projects involving a whole kitchen where we will not only upcycle your kitchen cabinets, tables, and work tops but we’ll also help set that design throughout your whole room.

For a job completed from start to finish by the same talented and experienced team, call The Painted Furniture Shed today!

Fabrics And Detailing

Along with years of experience in upcycling
We also offer upholstery commissions helping you to create the look you want.
It’s amazing how different colour and styles can really bring your furniture back to life.
We can help you create your own bespoke unique furniture that you will fall back in love with and feel proud to have in your home.
Simply send us an email or use our contact form for a free quote on your project!