Stain & Finishing Oil – SFO

Stain & Finishing Oil is a wood conditioner, stain, and top coat all in one that offers exceptional durability in high-traffic areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets, and even flooring.

It can be used on bare wood or over previously painted surfaces. No additional top coat is required – it is highly durable as is. If you’re looking for added durability, applying a coat of Natural will increase sheen and durability without intensifying your colour.

If you apply it over Fusion Mineral Paint™ for a glaze effect or to increase the sheen, we recommend removing excess immediately, as the SFO will not soak in and may leave a sticky finish that takes a few days to dry.

Use the Natural colour over Fusion Mineral Paint™ colours to increase the sheen and offer superior durability, or brush on one of the pigmented colours and wipe off immediately for a beautiful, easy glaze effect.

Our special blend is highly concentrated in pigment, so a little goes a long way. The 237 mL container will cover the same area as 1 litre of comparable stains.

Please keep in mind that all oil-based products typically yellow in time. Using this over top of white paints will cause a slight yellowing effect. We recommend our Tough Coat for going over lighter colours to avoid yellowing.


Product Details

Size: 237 ml

Base: oil

Coverage: varies

Finish: satin to gloss

Clean up: mineral spirits

Dry time: 9 hours

Re-coat time: 9 hours

Cure time: 10 days

Durability: high

Additional information


Cappuccino, Driftwood, Ebony, Golden Pine, White, Natural (clear)